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Heidelberg Alumni WebRing (4 Sites, 21 Hits) 11/04/1999

Featured Ring Lions' Pride! For sites owned by former Heidelberg American High School (Heidelberg, Germany) alumni, faculty, and community members.

DODDS High School Alumni Associations (18 Sites, 1084 Hits) 03/21/1999
Featured Ring Websites of High School Alumni Associations for schools of DODDS, the United States Department of Defense Dependents Schools, for students known as Overseas or Military Brats.

High School Reunion WebRing (43 Sites, 235 Hits) 08/10/1998
Featured Ring Dedicated to High School REUNIONS! We Welcome All Official High School REUNION WebSites and personal High School REUNION Home Pages that wish to stay in touch with and inform class mates & alumni of Upcoming REUNIONS, or just help you FIND Lost Classmates and Friends! =Sign= and =View= the Year Book Guest Books indexed by Year of Graduation... Where did you go to High School? You might FIND someone you know!

High School Alumni (8 Sites, 72 Hits) 02/16/2001
Featured Ring Connecting Alumni across the nation. Add your School Alumni Site so old classmates can find each other. Add your Class Site. Add your own Page. Visit other sites to see similar Classes and Schools. Share Info. Enjoy!!

Kubasaki (5 Sites, 152 Hits) 02/03/1999
Featured Ring For the use and enjoyment of connecting past, present and future Kubasaki Dragons on the web!

Smith Alumnae (5 Sites, 26 Hits) 12/31/1996
Featured Ring Smith Alumnae creates a link among the personal homepages of Smith College Alumnae across the globe. If you're an alumna of Smith (a "Smithee"), please join.

Alumni Sites (8 Sites, 158 Hits) 02/25/2001
Featured Ring The Alumni Sites Web Ring is an economical and fun way to bind together web sites that share the common bond of school alumni. This includes  websites with reunion planning, class websites and school alumni associations. Anyone is welcome to join that has a dedicated domain website. What this means is a website with  a URL that you own for example this website is "".  As a member of the ring you can expect hits on your site from all ages, intellects, and social classes. So if finding your classmates is a priority you must join this web ring!

Class Reunion WebRing (5 Sites, 130 Hits) 04/03/2000
Featured Ring A ring of sites with information about alumni or class reunions, past present or future!

Iroquois Alumni (2 Sites, 21 Hits) 04/29/2000
Featured Ring Web sites built by alumni of the Iroquois Jr. Sr. High school. Our school is located in Lawerence Park, PA, just outside of Erie. Wesleyville is also in the district. This is not to be confused with Iroquois High schools in Illinois or New York State

Marsudirini Bekasi - (2 Sites, 8 Hits) 03/30/2000
Bagi Alumni dan siswa/i serta staf SMU Marsudirini Bekasi, yang punya homepage dapat bergabung dengan kami. :) Homepage Utama : Homepage Webring:

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